2018 Collection

i/O Electric

I/O Electric equipped bikes form a unique partnership between mankind and machine by taking input from your pedaling efforts and amplifying output beyond that of conventional bicycles by way of its battery-powered motor. What this means is that with its unique pedal assist design you can ride up hills easier, ride further distances, at faster speeds, for a longer period of time. I/O Electric equipped bikes are ideal for both on and off road riding. With nearly 40 years experience in the conventional bicycle world, Haro has created a series of I/O Electric pedal assist models that are an extension of their respective lines and specifically designed for leisure, commuter, and off road use. The best part of all is that every I/O Electric bicycle is guaranteed to bring you the same great magic and joy you experienced as a kid.
Healthy, active, easy, fun. I/O Electric. Enjoy the eRide.